How to Get Over a Stranger

Have you ever had one of those moments where somebody opens a door for you or gives you a seconds moment of eye contact and you suddenly can’t stop thinking about that total stranger you know absolutely nothing about?


Let me tell you a story about a guy I have grown completely smitten with in the past 2 months or so, baring in mind guys, I still don’t even know his name. It was a couple months ago on the bus journey home from work, he got on the seats opposite me and we just made constant eye contact until he got off the bus and after that I saw him on the bus now and again, just making simple eye contact. After multiple eye contact sessions, before he got off the bus he turned to me and smiled which made me feel like such a school girl. I totally knew my face was red because I could feel the heat just rise up so quick. After that one smile, the crush just grew and grew and grew, I didn’t see him for a while after that and just last week he was on the bus and I didn’t even notice until he was getting off the bus and I was like mentally slapping myself for it! Now… let me tell you possibly the most brave but stupid moment of my life that only occurred yesterday. I had a work meeting a bit further out from my usual place and was freaking out about not making it to the bus station on time to get the same bus as him, luckily I did, and I sat there waiting and waiting for him to get on, as soon as the bus decided to set off, he bloody showed up and missed it! All the butterflies came up and I felt like I’d just been transported in to one of those romance movies where the girl is debating on running back to the man she’s completely besotted by to see if he feels the same way. I had a spontaneous moment and got off the bus and speed walked it all the way back to the bus station, in hope that he would be sat there waiting for the next bus to arrive.

Now in a movie world, the girl would run back to the bus station and the guy would be there ready to declare their love for each other, but is my life a movie? Absolutely not. Because I made it back to the bus station in time for the next bus which he SHOULD have been on and he wasn’t, he must have decided to get another bus and that is the last time I chase after a guy in my entire life. Just a quick note that this is meant to be a funny blog post where we can all laugh at the crushes we have grown on random strangers over the years and it’s a way for me to forget about this bus guy and his smile and the way he speaks and his golden hair and the fact I would be 100% willing to let my wall down for him and just HIM ASAFWJKJDFSL IM GETTING OVER IT. You’re probably saying “Why are you in so deep? You know NOTHING about him!?” Psh, details schmetails, I know this is the love of my life.


Okay this post has already got incredibly long so I’ll keep the ‘How to Get Over a Stranger’ tips to 5, 5 tips that we can laugh at together and have a good chat over!

Don’t Stare

Yes Shelby, start getting over those eye contact sessions because they are long gone! How are you meant to get over a stranger if you keep staring in to their eyes which is like one of the most romantic ways to connect with somebody. Please girl, let’s get a grip on life. He’s just another guy on the bus. That is it… Unless he like decides to do more than eye contact and actually speaks to you, totally go for it.


Imagine What the Stranger is Actually Like

When I look at this beautiful stranger I think yes, he’d treat me right. He probably feels the same way and is just as shy as I am. He’d spontaneously kiss me everywhere and not care who sees. My whole family would love him as much as I would. He’d surprise me with this french bulldog I’ve been dreaming about for years. Like this man is totally the one I want to marry. I have this whole image of somebody’s shell, you know? I don’t know his name, I don’t know a single piece of his life so I’m just creating a perfect image for myself. If you want to get over a stranger that you know nothing about, make up some real horrible image like instead of showing you off, you’d be his little secret. When you’re not with him, he’s sat doing drugs with his friends. He probably has side chicks and you’re one of them. Instead of treating you to dates, his idea of one is probably ‘Netflix and Chill’. Basically just sum the stranger up with every pet peeve you have of someone and you’ll be immediately put off. Just try and keep that image in your head when you see them next or you’re back to square one.


Stop Fantasising

Do not fantasise about how they’re one day just going to walk up to you and kiss you and you’ll both see that this is love and why take things slow? Let’s just date now. Don’t imagine that this is all going to become a reality, you’re going to date and then move in together and then soon enough you’re going to be having their babies and wearing an engagement ring that will shortly be a wedding ring. Don’t imagine that there’s going to be a day where you will be able to walk hand in hand everywhere, and show them off to your family and friends. Don’t imagine that they’re going to magically find you on social media and add you, please don’t obsess over that okay, don’t search your suggested friends in hope that they’ll, fingers crossed, pop up. DON’T RUN TO A FREAKING BUS STOP EXPECTING THEM TO BE THERE WAITING FOR YOU WHEN NOPE THIS IS THE REAL WORLD AND THE REAL WORLD IS SHIT. And breathe… I totally haven’t done all these things, this is all advice to YOU, not to myself. Nooo. Nope. Moving on.


Say Hi

Girl, just say hi. It’s going to either go one way or the other. He’ll either say hi back and a conversation will start up or he’s going to say “I have a girlfriend/boyfriend”. We don’t know their preferences yet. Just get it out of your god damn system. Talking to them also may ruin the fantasy life you’ve pictured because they could be like the most boring person ever, unless they end up being as amazing as your fantasy life, let the obsession commence. Build up the courage and just say hi.


Start a Guy Diet

Swear off guys for good. Detox yourself, because you know, they’re gross. We don’t need them. They make things too complicated. They make you run to a bus stop thinking they’ll actually be waiting for you. (Lmao never getting over it). Love isn’t that important, you know, if you’re willing to live and die lonely it’s cool, forget that damn stranger. As long as you got you, you’re going to make it. If somebody wants you, make them bloody run this time okay, you’re way too good for anybody, slay the world like it’s your catwalk. YOU DON’T NEED A GUY EVEN IF YOU WAS 100% ADAMANT THAT THEY’RE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and relate to it in some way because I really did love writing this and I can totally see myself writing more posts like this in the future. It really did cheer me up and I’ve entertained myself so that’s a good sign!

Let me know your stranger crush stories in the comments below! 🙂

Shelby xxx


One thought on “How to Get Over a Stranger

  1. You shared some good advice, but knowing myself, I’ll fall in love with the first guy I see in public haha
    I love your ‘love story’ in the beginning. How many times I waited for a new bus or went walking just because some random guy got off few stops earlier. We’re so stupid hahah

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


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