13 Reasons Why Ending Theories

*Spoiler Alert – Do not read, if you haven’t finished or started 13 Reasons Why yet*

It hasn’t even been a month since 13 Reasons Why was released and people are already storming up a pile of theories ready for an extremely anticipated season 2 (hopefully). I’m sure many people, including me, have so many questions to ask about the season finale… But the one question that is driving people insane is, was Alex’s shooting a suicide attempt or murder? People have been concocting theories up ever since the reveal of Alex being shot and a few scenes of Tyler that weren’t just ‘nothing’, they were definitely going somewhere with them. I have three theories to share with you guys today, they’re probably the most talked about theories on social media, but I thought we could have a chat anyway on this blog post! 🙂


As we see Tyler buy a gun from a dodgy guy in a dodgy alleyway, it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to possibly pull the trigger on one or more of the characters we’ve grown familiar with. Maybe even a school shooting? Hannah’s suicide and his guilt may have just lead up to cracking him and now he’s ready to take revenge on all the bullies, as he’s a bully victim himself. In the last few minutes of episode 13, we are notified of Alex shooting himself in the head, but did he really? What if Tyler is shooting everybody one by one and that’s why he took Alex’s picture down at the end? It would most definitely explain the guns he’s hiding away in his room.


Justin also had a gun in the season finale, but I can’t see him having anything to do with Alex’s shooting, they weren’t best friends, but they were eventually becoming civil with one another.


Still sticking to the school shooting theory, I do think Tyler is still out to get revenge, but there was a flashback shown of him getting bullied and Alex coming to his rescue. Maybe Tyler was going to spare Alex his life, that’s why he took his picture down. Obviously, it’s a little too late, but nobody knows what Alex has done at this point. This theory I am hoping is the most accurate, for sure!




 I’m going to be as real as can be here and just say, what if Alex genuinely did try and commit suicide? What if we was so focused on Hannah and her signs, that we was totally oblivious to Alex and his? If you remember, Alex was tidying his room and his dad commented on how clean it was, then when we saw Hannah’s suicide scene, she tidied her room before getting in to the bath… Coincidence? Or was he doing exactly what Hannah was? He had listened to the tapes after all, so knew exactly how Hannah had done the process.

What do you think to these three theories? Do you agree with any of them? Do you have a theory of your own that I’ve not spoke about here? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Shelby xxx


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