13 Reasons Why Memes are Destroying the Seriousness of the Show!

I’m sure we’re all aware of the new hype of 2017 ‘memes’, pictures/videos that are completely random and irrelevant, but the general public have got a really good laugh out of them ever since they were introduced to social media.

I, for one, have definitely found myself laughing now and again at certain memes, especially the sarcastic types based on a TV series/film etc that I nod in agreement at and that’s cool. They were made to be laughed at. However, I don’t condone memes about serious situations, that should not be a thing.

Scrolling through my Facebook  yesterday, I saw somebody tagged in this ’13 Reasons Why’ meme. Let’s just say I didn’t take this meme lightly.


I feel very strongly about this show, I talk about it non stop on social media, I encourage my friends to watch the show, even though my parents are most likely never going to watch it I still talk about it with them because it’s just THAT IMPORTANT. I ended up getting my brothers completely hooked on it. If you’re one of the people who don’t understand the ‘Welcome to your tape’ meme going around, basically it has been created because of the show ’13 Reasons Why’ and how a young girl called Hannah explained her suicide through tapes. Each tape was based on a certain person who had some part in pushing her to kill herself and people are turning the situation in to a joke, rather than listening to the message Hannah and this show is trying to tell.

Still confused? Are you sitting there thinking what on earth do chicken nuggets have to do with it? Basically, Hannah’s reasons for committing suicide are quite contradictive, viewers are calling Hannah’s reasons small and stupid, for example, Zach gets rid of all her compliments in class because she shouted at him, Ryan posted a very personal poem of hers for the school to read which lead them to take the mess out of her etc. You’re allowed to think these reasons aren’t worth taking your life for, that’s totally your opinion. But you should NEVER laugh at or joke about her choices in any type of form because different people have different weak spots, Hannah had problem after problem after problem and everything built up until she just cracked.

These memes should not have became a thing, instead of laughing over Hannah’s reasons, why don’t you sit and think about the things you might have said to somebody that could’ve hurt their feelings. Start to realise that the smallest things you say or do to a person can result in them ending their lives. These memes are completely destroying the seriousness of the show and are brain washing people from seeing the real message trying to be shown. Please, be more careful with the ‘jokes’ you make. There will be people who take offence and won’t see them as jokes, some of these jokes could be triggering to people. Take people’s feelings in to consideration and respect that these memes can really affect people, even if it is ‘just a TV show’, people go through Hannah’s story in real life on a daily basis and more people need to be aware of that.

Yes, as you can see, I am one to take offence and I have no sense of humour with these type of memes. However, on a more light hearted note, there was one meme that I did have a giggle at, but still my laughing was rather reasonable due to the concept of the meme:


This meme is more appropriate to laugh at as Bryce is a predator and a rapist who deserved to go to prison. Hannah, however, is not an appropriate person to be laughing at. You are allowed to laugh at memes, but please acknowledge the ones you do actually laugh at. You are allowed to make memes, but please be considerate about the memes you make. There are people out there who do have a mental illness, like me, and really do appreciate this show and all the messages it gives out to the world. Don’t make something light out of it. It’s supposed to be dark and uncomfortable. Leave it alone.

Shelby xxx


13 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Memes are Destroying the Seriousness of the Show!

  1. Have not seen this show, but have heard plentyyy about it on social media, I hear that it brings suicide to light and makes people think about the impact words have on others’ in a profound way though. I don’t doubt that this is a deep deep show and should not be joked about. I’m a big believer in staying within boundaries, for example, my boyfriend will joke about ANYTHING. Like things that should not even be funny.
    To me, it’s not funny and I’ll tell him don’t joke about that. He won’t understand where I’m coming from and think I’m being “uptight”, but in all seriousness, I just feel some topics, such as rape or suicide, should NOT be joked about. Ever. So I completely agree with you here on this.

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I just had to speak up about it as people weren’t taking the messages seriously enough and it’s so disheartening when people STILL won’t acknowledge mental illnesses! Xx

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    1. There’s definitely some controversy and that’s totally okay, if people don’t like it then that’s no problem at all! But jokes should not be made and I’m glad you agree about the memes xx


  2. I completely agree with everything in this post, thank you for writing this. I also felt really strongly about the show and feel it showed the gritty reality and the fact that small things should never be considered insignificant, so people posting those members clearly didn’t understand the message or are afraid of it. X

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    1. You’re very welcome, I felt like somebody needed to say it so why not myself!? Oh it definitely showed the gritty reality and I think people , like you said, couldn’t handle it so decided to make jokes instead of facing the truth which is so incredibly sad. X

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  3. I haven’t actually watched the show but I’ve certainly seen all these memes and some of them are actually sickening. No one should be making light of a show with such deep and important messages.
    I know there will be people saying ‘lighten up’ and ‘it’s only a joke’ but that isn’t what people should be taking from the show. Suicide isn’t and never will be funny.

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    1. Completely agree! This show shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s supposed to be uncomfortable and some people just couldn’t handle that so turned it all in to a big joke! Suicide and mental illnesses just aren’t acknowledged these days and as Clay says “everybody is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself”, it’s the sad truth. X


  4. I 100% agree with you! I think this show is super important and is a very serious topic that should not be dragged into the world of memes… Yes some of them are okay, but most of them are not appropriate. I saw one the other day (on Easter) of one that said “mom: you are too old for an easter basket. Me: Mom, welcome to your tape” and It had a picture of Hannah’s face on the guy that sprinkles glitter down but with tapes being sprinkled down. That is just DISRESPECTFUL! I was so disgusted and actually very angry because suicide is not something that should be joked about like that. I am so glad some people are seeing that this show should not be joked about like that.

    -Danielle Ruppert

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    1. Wow how insensitive can some people be!? It drives me so mad how people can laugh about this stuff, they wouldn’t be laughing if it happened to a family member so why should they laugh at Hannah? Some memes are appropriate like the Bryce one but disrespecting people’s choices to kill themselves is pushing it to a whole new level! I wish more people like us could see between the lines of the show and take it a hell of a lot more seriously x

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