Why I Don’t Read Movie Reviews

I know the title of this post makes me sound so hypocritical, since I have wrote a couple of movie reviews myself. However, what I mean is… I don’t read movie reviews BEFORE actually watching the movies.

People depend on movie reviews to the point where it is one of my pet peeves. I am only talking about a small group of people here, but, there are people out there that refuse to watch a film until some website like ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ have decided that the movie is worth watching or not. Why can’t people just watch it for themselves, instead of depending on somebody else to decide for them? Are you that dependent on some strangers life?

A couple of examples…

(I don’t mean to attack Rotten Tomatoes, but I’ve seen that it is the website most people rely on.)

Suicide Squad was given a score of 25% by Rotten Tomatoes, meaning many people decided it wasn’t worth watching so didn’t even bother giving it a go for themselves before they stuck to somebody else’s judgement. I absolutely love Suicide Squad, it could be because I don’t know the story as much as actual SS fans do and they have missed things or added things that people didn’t approve of, however, what does it matter? Movies are for experimenting with, if they didn’t make any changes then people would complain because there was nothing ‘new’… People genuinely just can’t win. I think what people need to realise before they start going by other people’s opinions, especially on Rotten Tomatoes is that it isn’t just one person that runs that website. What if a woman was the one to review Suicide Squad and it wasn’t her type of film? If a man had been the one to review it, he may have gave it a higher score, but because it was a woman and superhero things might not be her thing, of course she’s going to give it a low score. This is why people shouldn’t rely on review websites completely because you just don’t know who is behind the computer screen reviewing it. When I write movie reviews, I’m not writing them to tell people whether they should watch a movie or not, I’m writing it for the people who DID enjoy the movie and we can talk about it in the comments or whatever, talk about what we loved about it and what are favourite moments were. Although Rotten Tomatoes scored it at 25%, the general public gave it a 62% which just shows you how much you shouldn’t rely on others opinions.

The new Marvel Iron Fist series was given only 17% by RT, however the public gave it 79%. Again, it could’ve been a non-marvel fan who reviewed the series because I know many people who watch Iron Fist and absolutely love it, but no doubt there’s at least a handful of sad people out there who decided against watching it just because of a low percentage.

I know this is probably like the most irrelevant blog post ever and I might be the only one who finds this situation so annoying, but this is just a little rant, as many bloggers do, about people needing to trust their own opinions. What I do when it comes to movies is I just go for it, if a movie has caught my attention and it looks good, I will gladly buy a ticket (no matter how bloody expensive they are these days) and watch it for myself. If the movie isn’t as good as I thought it would be then that’s that, I don’t watch it again. I genuinely believe it’s as easy as that. Another reason why I don’t read movie reviews until I’ve actually watched the film is sometimes people can pick out things that were wrong or they didn’t like and I’ll end up finding myself trying to find them while I’m watching and it just ruins my experience.

What are your thoughts on reading movie reviews before seeing them for yourself and depending on other’s opinions? I’d love to know 🙂

Shelby xxx


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