Feeling Confident Within Yourself

Today, being confident is looked upon as a bad thing… You’re ‘obsessed’ with yourself or too ‘self absorbed’, but then when you’re not confident within yourself you’re too insecure and need to loosen up… You just can’t win!

I can sit here and say that I am beginning to feel comfortable in my appearance, sure I want to work more on my stomach and figure but the rest, I can say I am very happy about. It has taken me such a long time to look in a mirror and like the way I look, I have experimented with hairstyles, hair colours, makeup looks, even just spending a few days away from the makeup so I can look at my natural self in the mirror, but I am at a point where I could have a bare face and messy hair look going on and not think “oh my gosh I look awful!!”. I actually look in the mirror and feel extremely good about myself. This doesn’t mean I’m ‘obsessed’ with myself or think I’m better than others, it clearly means that I have accepted who I am.


What is actually wrong with being able to say “Damn, I look good today!”. If you feel amazing then go outside immediately, flaunt it and just love yourself! I don’t think there will ever be a better feeling than finally accepting yourself as it isn’t something that can be achieved easily. When you do achieve it however, it will feel like such a weight off your shoulders. I love the fact that I can feel comfortable in whatever I wear and how I look now… Do you ever have those days where people tell you that you look so good and you’re like “noo, I don’t!” but inside you’re really like “I know I do”??? Don’t keep that last bit in your head anymore, agree with them and they may actually respect your confidence! If you can get to that point where you KNOW you feel good, I’m extremely proud of you!


Self love doesn’t happen over night, you can’t force somebody to love themselves, you can’t tell somebody how they should feel because it really doesn’t work that way. It only took me last year, practically the last few months, to feel happy within myself. Sure, I still have days where I feel a little lower about myself than other, but that’s okay, it takes time. Even though it can take days, weeks, months, years to accept yourself, it’s better to start now because you are unique, you are your own person, no one else is ever going to look like you so embrace that!


There’s no shame in feeling confident and loving yourself, it is incredibly powerful and very healthy! You are not self absorbed so do not listen to anybody who judges you for being who you are. We are all unique, we all are different shapes and sizes but that does make any of us better than the other? Hell no! We are all individually beautiful in our own little unique ways so you need to accept the beauty within you and slay the world! I’ve begun to find my confidence, now it’s your turn!

Shelby xxx


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