Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

The breath-taking retelling of the 1991 iconic classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ did not disappoint!

I’m not going to lie, finding the words to describe the live action Beauty and the Beast is going to be incredibly hard, but, here goes…

I weren’t too sure on how to feel about Beauty and the Beast becoming a live action movie, or any Disney movie for that matter as people always tend to want to make them more violent and so dramatic, however, for the first time, they’ve finally made a live action Disney movie so incredibly accurate to the original and I adored every second of it!  Of course, some new scenes and songs were added in but that didn’t make a difference because they fit so wonderfully in to the storyline, it sort of makes it better than the original!


Unlike the original, they added details in from the book by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont, such as what happens to Belle’s mom which was lovely to see as we never really get to see that from any other princess movie. The movie also goes in to depth with the Beast’s life story, as we also find out a little about his upcoming, his mothers passing and why he turned out the way he did. I think it was extremely important to show a compassionate side of the Beast, as with every petal falling, the Beast side began to take form in his personality, and we still need to be able to see him as some what human.


Considering how unsure I was of the remake, I was surprised with how much I truly enjoyed the modernised fashion of the movie and how much more I connected with each character because of it. While we’re talking about the characters, I would just like to say that they did an outstanding job of picking this cast! I can’t even tell you one person was wrong for their role, everybody was per-fect! Emma Watson portrayed Belle in such a more realistic manner than the 1991 Belle, and I say this because everybody looks at her to be ‘odd’ and ‘funny’, so Emma’s awkwardness really makes it noticeable and understandable as to why people may see her that way, if that makes sense? Dan Evans is a new actor to me and with his portrayal of the Beast, what a first impression! He put so much depth in to the character, the passion he displayed in this movie was so heart warming because you could see how much he wanted to make the Beast as best as possible. Luke Evans, also being a new actor to me, pulled off Gaston in a way that I can’t imagine any other actor doing. He knew exactly how to be this self conceited, burly, intimidating man who everybody hates but also secretly loves. Gaston was meant for him! Josh Gad as Le Fou was again, top notch casting, nobody could’ve played him like Josh did and that’s why he got the part! While we’re on the subject of Le Fou, I would like to just give a round of applause to Josh and the crew for portraying Le Fou’s sexuality in such a respectful manner. I saw people complain that there wasn’t enough shown or that there shouldn’t have been a gay character, period. However, I was so impressed with the fact that they didn’t over do it and make sure it was so obvious and force loads of gay innuendos here and there, they just let Le Fou be himself, you either noticed he was gay or you didn’t and they just treated it naturally, the way everybody else should. Bravo!


I’m going to put my hands up and say I wasn’t all that familiar with the songs except for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which will always be a song/scene that gives me chills. Adding more songs in to the movie made it in to a bigger musical than it already was and I was absolutely living for every moment of it! Yes, I’m a sucker for musicals. Each song was so well produced and all the actors have insane voices that fit each of their characters flawlessly, I was especially impressed with Emma’s voice! Was I the only one who didn’t know she could sing like that!? I’ve also literally had ‘Gaston’ stuck in my head all day. The reason I love musicals is because music says more than you can ever say just by talking, music sets the tone more and it’s such a beautiful way of expressing how you truly feel.


Let’s talk about the CGI in this movie, damn! Every part of this film was so aesthetically pleasing, right up to the Beast’s castle. Lumiere, Mrs Potts, Chip, Cogsworth etc. were incredible! I wouldn’t my own talking objects now! Every little detail they put in was absolutely astonishing and came together so well. It captured the same look and feel of the 1991 version with a twinge of a fresh, tasteful style.


Wrapping this review up, Beauty and the Beast completely exceeded my expectations and blew me away. For 2 hours, I sat and captured the magic of this extraordinary story and left the cinema with a heart so full of joy and happiness, I’m itching to watch it again already! If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, get booking them now because this is a fairy tale you don’t want to miss out on at the big screen!


Shelby xxx


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