Goodbye Vampire Diaries…


After TVD being a part of my life for 8 years, I think just watching the episode is not enough for me to really be able to say goodbye, maybe putting my thoughts and feelings in to a post will give me the closure I need. Maybe after posting this, I’ll feel more happy than sad, more satisfied than unsatisfied and most importantly, more content than uncontent.

I knew the final episode was going to be a tear jerker, but no way did I realise exactly how much of a tear jerker it would be. I cried so much that my head, my heart, my chest, my eyes, everything hurt!! (My parents got much pleasure out of seeing me sob my freaking eyes out)

Let’s get the big bad over and done with… Katherine. I was totally mad when the Delena reunion was a fake because that was a way better reunion then how Delena actually reunited but, of course, this is The Vampire Diaries and nothing is ever how we truly want it. I was hoping to see Nina come back as Elena before Katherine, however, I kind of liked Katherine having an appearance first because it showed us Nina’s sassy/bitchy acting side, reminding us THIS GIRLS STILL GOT IT! Can we all just talk about how amazing it felt having Nina back on our screens, its been way too long and having her back just made everything even more emotional!

Where do we go from there… Ooh, let’s talk about the old faces we got to see and cry over how good it felt seeing them again! Lexi, Vicky, Tyler, Jo, Jeremy, Elena’s parents, Caroline’s mom (Elizabeth)… So many, forgive me if I’ve forgot anybody! The one that f**ked me up the most was definitely when Jo was admiring Alaric and her daughters from afar like NO PLEASE DON’T REMIND ME HOW MY MOST HATED FICTIONAL CHARACTER KAI PARKER SPLIT THIS BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL FAMILY APART. Seriously, Jeremy couldn’t have lasted a little longer than 2 seconds!? We couldn’t have got an Elena/Jeremy scene or something!? Seeing old faces always makes me the most emotional as it’s been such a long time since we last saw most of them and it makes TVD feel more like season 1 again, like any TV show, people choose to leave and it really does suck but seeing them even for a mere second really gets the nostalgic feelings going… and also the waterworks! Thank you Julie, for getting as many old faces in the finale as you possible could, it really filled my heart with joy!

I think we’ve 100% got to talk about that letter Caroline received from Klaus and the way Ric said “That is the beginning of another story” like DOES THIS MEAN CAROLINE IS JOINING THE ORIGINALS!? I really hope so and I can totally see it happening since the entire crew of TVD/Originals are also Klaroline shippers, please Caroline, go get your man! It was so sweet how Klaus funded 3 million to the Salvatore Boarding School Caroline and Ric opened as Damon declared it as Stefan’s final wish. Oh gosh, the waterworks are back!


Since I’ve just spoke of Stefan’s ‘final wish’, I reckon it’s time to get the rest of the tears out of the way and talk about Stefan’s big heroic death. I have to admit, I’ve not been a big fan of Stefan for a long time, when he’s evil, he’s really evil and I just can’t cope with it. He’s so cocky and you just want to slap him round the face! He’s never been as good as Damon with being a Vampire and he can just be like the most annoying person ever sometimes! However, I gained a lot of respect for him when he decided to sacrifice himself so his big brother can have the happy ending he’s always deserved. There was so many touching moments between Damon and Stefan throughout the finale as they knew it was going to be the end for one of them, and out of all relationships in TVD, the bromance between the Salvatore brothers will forever be the strongest OTP of them all!


The final moments for TVD were let’s say like mustard… Some people thought it was too fast, some people loved it. Personally, I felt a sense of closure towards the ending as I saw the old faces finding peace  and all of the well, alive characters getting what they finally deserved.

  • Matt, my precious little angel! I’m so glad that everything worked out for him in the end, he received his own bench and campaigned for Mayor. I would like to think that Matt either left Mystic Falls with a wife and kids or as my best friend said, stayed in Mystic Falls as Mayor with a wife, kids and a good relationship with his father. If there’s anyone I wish a happy life on, it’s definitely Matt. He’s been through way too much as a human and weren’t given the opportunity like the others to just switch his humanity off when life got a little too much for him. I’d 100% say he’s the strongest of them all!
  • Of course, as I said before, Alaric and Caroline created the Salvatore Boarding School which was something Ric had suggested earlier on in season 8, to help children like his daughters understand their magic. I’m really glad Caroline has decided to help out after losing Stefan as it will keep her occupied and somewhat content as all of it is in Stefan’s honour.
  • I’m so, so glad that they found a way to keep Enzo alive in Bonnie because they was like my ultimate ship when they first came together, I’ve never cried so many tears over a couple before! Although I was super mad that Enzo had been killed and then Bonnie’s mom burnt his body so there was absolutely no chance of him coming back, Bonnie receiving her magic was the perfect way for him to still be with her in one way as she could connect with him whenever she wanted too. It’s really sweet as well how Bonnie went off to travel the world and Enzo tagged along to make sure she didn’t give up on life, because he knew it just wasn’t her time. OH GOSH THE WATERWORKS!!
  • Leaving the biggest one till last… Delena! I have to admit, the ending after Stefan’s funeral was rather confusing, especially if you didn’t listen extremely carefully as all of a sudden Delena were married and then reunited with their dead family members, so it was sort of like wait, whaaaatt??? I really enjoyed the little story they told for Damon and Elena at the end. We learn that Elena went on to Med School before returning to Mystic Falls to live a long life with her newly human husband, Damon, it’s about time he got to put a ring on it! Elena also gives a beautiful talk in her diary on Stefan and first meeting him, “And that’s my life, weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all — epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents. I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life. And I’m going to live it as best as I can, for as long as I can.” I wish we knew more of what Damon did with the rest of his life, they kind of just focused on what Elena did and you know, we still wanna know what our favourite Salvatore brother has been up too! It’s good to have been able to see them reunited with the life that they’ve been wanting for a long, long time, even if there was a few little unanswered questions!

So The Vampire Diaries officially finished with Elena passing away and being reunited with her parents and Damon passing away and being reunited with Stefan, leaving us with the iconic “Hello, Brother” as the very last words. Of course, if Elena and Damon had passed, it totally means that Bonnie, Matt, Alaric, Jeremy etc. must have also passed or be extremely old which makes me happy with a little mix of sad, I don’t want to think about my little angel, Matt, dying ever! People don’t like unanswered questions, however, I look at it as an opportunity to make my own little story up for them all and give it the best possible ending ever!


I think I’ll wrap this post up now as it is extremely long and just say a quick thank you to Julie Plec, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, every actor to appear on TVD and every crew member who helped create this show. It’s been a pleasure having you all a part of my life for 8 years! 🙂


Shelby xxx


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Vampire Diaries…

  1. OK, all of this is coming back now… And I was just starting to feel OK with it.
    First, if you read my post, you’ll know that I didn’t even miss Elena and I didn’t need her to come back ever, but I did want to see Damon happy so I’m glad they reunited. And I also liked Kai (weird I know cause he’s really an asshole) hahah
    I’m definitely happy that Matt survived it all.
    Of course, I needed more on Damon’s life because Salvatore brothers are the best ever! I was kinda in tears all episode but the last “hello brother” was the best possible ending ♥ and it crushed me.
    However, if they all died and reunited with their dead friends/relatives/whoever, why can’t they all stay a group afterlife too?
    Also, Caroline is going to be alone. Stefan, Elena and Damon died, Matt has to be old, Alaric is also probably dead as he was older than them, Bonnie is human so she’ll die too… I hope Klaroline will happen. That note at the end was just heartwarming for all of us Klaroline fans…

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