Top 6 Favourite Rudy Mancuso Videos

There’s not many Youtubers out there with such unique videos like Rudy’s and up until this year I didn’t even know these type of videos were created for YouTube, however, I have to say I would rather watch these unique, creative, comedic videos over a billion of the same fashion/beauty videos any day!

Rudy Mancuso initially gained fame as a Viner, with over 10 million followers. He was most known for using his Brazilian and Italian background to hilariously and innocently mock stereotypes, in which became his most popular asset and why he has become the big YouTube star he is now. Alongside being incredibly hilarious, Rudy is a musician and tends to embrace that in his YouTube videos, giving us musicals you’ll be singing along to from the second you wake up till the second you go back to sleep. In fact, four videos I’m about to share with you all involve music as they are my most favourite, because it shows how talented Rudy is along with his acting, his directing, his editing etc.

So, here I am, introducing you to a whole new world of YouTube, I can guarantee you will love it as much as I do and will no doubt become just as obsessed as I am! Here are my top 6 favourite Rudy Mancuso videos:

Senor Grinch

Funny Musical Doctor

Funny Musical Teacher

Terrible Tennis Players

Crazy Mexican Puppet

Worst Waiter Ever

Which is your favourite Rudy Mancuso YT video? Let me know in the comments or tweet me over at @ItsShelbyMariee 🙂

Shelby xxx



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