My Thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Winter

I am not one of the Gilmore Girls viewers who have watched ever since the show aired back in 2000, I only started watching last year when I saw pretty much every single girl hyping over some new ‘mini series’ that was happening and I just thought, okay everybody is totally in love with this show, everybody tweets about watching this show so why not give it a go myself?

I was completely hooked from episode one, I didn’t realise how obsessed and emotionally attached I’d get to this fictional world and it’s character but I did! Every character were so perfect in their own ways, the boyfriends, Stars Hollow, the drama, the storyline, Lorelai and Rory… I couldn’t be more happy about giving this show a chance. Yesterday, after putting off the last 2 episodes for about a month now, I finally finished season 7 and as emotional as that was, I knew I had the mini series and everybody all grown up to get excited over! So let’s get straight to what I thought about the first episode: Winter!


  • I really loved how the beginning was just a black screen showing everybody’s names as you heard the most memorable lines from the previous seasons be played in the background like; “Oy with the poodles” and “I love you, you idiot”. It felt so nostalgic and was refreshing.
  • Lorelai still looks as fabulous as ever and I STILL want to be and look like Rory!
  • Ahh the little joke of it ‘being a while’ since they last spoke so fast… Love it!
  • Could this town literally be anymore magical!?
  • How has Lane not changed one bit!? Does this girl actually never age?
  • Okay, Kirk got pretty good looking all of a sudden.
  • But his ways have definitely not changed, why is he walking a pig and trying to promote a driving service just like Uber but called it Ooober?
  • LUKE YASSS. The grey hairs are coming in nicely and he looked so much like a proud father after reading Rory’s piece for the New Yorker!
  • The girl’s eating Taco’s while Luke prepares two courses for them… Their appetites have most definitely not changed!
  • Looking back at Rory’s three boyfriends, I was not expecting one like this Paul guy…
  • Wow Paul is so irrelevant. Nobody remembers him, even Rory who’s supposed to have dated him for 2 years lmao.
  • Ugh, can Luke and Lorelai be anymore perfect? I’m so glad the writers put them back together or this would’ve turned out incredibly disappointing!
  • Michel has a husband!! Yay!!! My spirit animal is married!!
  • Jeez that painting of Richard is BIG
  • Noooo please don’t show us the funeral! Do you want me to cry!?
  • Too late, I’m sobbing… the tears are real.
  • So are there’s because the man who plays Richard has actually passed away in real life… OH MY EVEN MORE TEARS!
  • Hi Digger, bye Digger.
  • I don’t think those stories were the ones Emily was talking about Lorelai…
  • For real, Lorelai could’ve found a nicer story to share about Richard but why is Emily talking to her like this? LEAVE MY FAVOURITE TV MOM ALONE.
  • Lorelai and Luke talking about having a kid? HOLY YES PLEASE.
  • Paris runs the freaking fertility clinic oh my gosh yes Queen!
  • Oh how I’ve missed Paris’ deeply honest and mean comments lmao.
  • LUKE why are you saying no!? I need a mini Luke/Lorelai kid running around!
  • Holy what!? Why are Rory and Logan kissing? Are they getting back together? What about Paul?
  • What is this “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” bullcrap? Seriously Rory, what are you playing at?
  • Paris and Doyle are getting DIVORCED?? We didn’t even get a chance to see them married! And they kids!!
  • Well Zach is looking… Very aged.
  • Oh my gosh the twins!! They look about 8/9 years old now!
  • Therapy with Lorelai and Emily is going to be a TV show in itself, I can’t wait!
  • Rory is 32, homeless, stringing along one guy while sleeping around with Logan and has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with her life… Girl you used to have your life completely figured out, this is so painful to watch!

What did you guys think about the Winter episode? Tell me about your favourite moments of this episode and who’s faces you were most excited to see again… I want to hear it all!!

Shelby xxx



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