Movie Review: Sidekick (Short Film)

A struggling father tells his son a bedtime story to convey an important life lesson.


(Click on the photo to watch ‘Sidekick’)

I’ve come across another wonderful short film, with another batch of incredible actors, 2 of them I adore very much! Sidekick stars Josh Dallas (James/Captain Strong), you may also know him as Charming/David in Once Upon A Time. Emily Bett Rickhards plays Josh’s wife (Emma/The Princess), you may know Emily as Felicity in Arrow. Then we have Tom Cavanagh (Darkman) who you may know as Dr Harrison Wells/H.R. Wells/ Reverse-Flash in The Flash… He plays that many different versions of himself you can’t keep up! And last but not least, you have the ever so cute Christian Michael Cooper (Billy/Shockwave) who is very new to the acting world but you may spot him in The Edge of Seventeen and for all Prison Break fans out there, he will be starring in that as well!

This short movie, directed and written by Jeff Cassidy, shows James and Emma stricken with tragedy and how they explain it to their son, Billy. Sidekick starts with the three of them driving in a car, James looking unfazed, Emma a whole bundle of emotions and Billy completely oblivious to the situation the three are soon about to face. In this moment, you realise something isn’t right and for the whole 15 minutes, you’re playing a guessing game of what is the meaning towards James’ bedtime story? What is he trying to get across to Billy? Why hasn’t this Superhero bedtime story ended like every other Superhero story? It’s all a great big mystery and as the mystery unravels, you soon feel extremely touched and tearful over the life lesson James is giving to Billy.

I wasn’t expecting this short film to be as moving as it was, but the director did a beautiful job of telling this story and keeping me in suspense. For just 15 minutes, I was completely hooked and fascinated by everything that was going on, if only they could turn this short film in to an actual movie because I would really like to know so much more about this family and how everything pans out in the end… However, short films are called short films for a reason!

Beautiful storyline, the cast was just an absolute cherry on top and I couldn’t be more pleased to have been given this 15 minute masterpiece! I advise you all to go and watch, whether you’re fans of the actors or not, it is a story that can not be missed, so as soon as you have finished reading this, click on the movie poster above and it will take you to the movie!

Shelby xxx



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