Life Update: Starting My New Job

When I started this new blog I told myself that I would open up more to my readers and write more personal posts, I’ve wrote two. Two is not good enough and I have more to share than I realise so I’m really going to focus on giving you guys life updates and just personal stories in general.

In my post ‘2016 Ruined and Made Me’, I spoke about how I left my old job in 2015 without a back up plan and that lead to waiting an entire year for a new one to come along. It really took a toll on me and I ended up being diagnosed with anxiety because of how much life was getting to me, however, last November, I was called in for an interview as a Business Administration Apprenticeship and I got it! Everything seemed to be falling back in to place and I couldn’t wait to finally be earning for myself again and working in an environment that I knew I would love.

Of course, 2016 was literally the devil so starting my new job wasn’t the most quickest process in the world and I could feel myself falling back in to that dark place. Nobody was calling me about the job, when I rang them they didn’t give me any information, they finally told me my references still hadn’t come in so I then had to deal with contacting people for my references, so once again that was a waiting game, but I can happily say, we got there eventually!

January, this year, we finally got my two references and I was told I would be starting my job as a Receptionist in a Children’s Centre on February 6th. It felt like so much weight was off my shoulders because I finally had a start date, I had a date to look forward too and counting down the days was so exciting! Now, being as this is me, I somehow managed to over panic myself and almost have a panic attack on my very first day because I wasn’t familiar with the place the centre was at and I thought I was going to get lost and be late for my first day. Then when the centre was incredibly easy to find, I felt incredibly silly for getting myself worked up but that’s just the joys of having anxiety!

Let’s talk about my first week… So for Monday and Tuesday I spent the day shadowing another receptionist to have an idea of what I’ll have to do and how to do it because I didn’t have my own log in details for a computer. I answered a few phone calls, the ones I could anyway because I wasn’t familiar with a lot of things at  this point so couldn’t really help as much as I would’ve liked. I did really get myself stressed over the fact I didn’t know a lot so I couldn’t be much help but everybody told me not to worry about it as it’s part of the learning process, so I do try to tell myself I’m allowed to make mistakes, I’m allowed to ask questions that should be really obvious… It’s just part of learning! People who have been there for years still mess up so only being there for a week, I shouldn’t beat myself up for it. The staff are so lovely to be around and they are so incredibly approachable which definitely is a bonus because I know I can go to absolutely any of them for absolutely anything. Overall it’s been a really joyous week, I did a lot more than I thought I would and I learnt so much in the space of a week, I look forward each morning to be going to my job and that is so important. I’ve always believed that if you don’t feel happy at your job or you hate waking up each morning, find something different, you shouldn’t have to put up with a job you hate, you have to be in a job you love! I’m super lucky that I have found a job I love and I can’t wait for the year ahead of me!

Money isn’t everything of course, but I’m super excited that I’m finally going to be getting money in for myself again, my bank account is most definitely cryable right now and I only have enough in for my phone bill. Now I’m earning again though, I’m going to be able to treat myself, make more time for my best friend and just feel very settled in my life as of now.

So, yeah there’s a little life update for you guys about my new job! Thank you to everybody who wished me luck on Twitter, I really appreciated it and it definitely gave me a confident boost. The only way is up now so yay! 🙂

Shelby xxx



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