10 Reasons Why We Should Be More Like Blair Waldorf

In honour of Gossip Girl day, I thought I would re-upload my ’10 Reasons Why We Should Be More Like Blair Waldorf’ post (previously posted on old blog), as I have met many more bloggers since last posting this meaning it may not have got across to everybody. Blair Waldorf is the character every girl dreams of being, she has the face, the hair, the clothes, the shoes, the man, the career… Everything we aspire, she has! Blair is such an iconic role model to all girls out there and I have found 10 reasons as to why this is and why being like Blair Waldorf will make us more empowering, successful women. Here are my 10 reasons:

She has goals and she won’t stop until she gets them.


She always makes sure she’s better than everybody else.


She’s incredibly honest.


She is hard working and determined to reach her goals.


She makes sure that no one is bigger than her.


Love is extremely important to her.


She tries to put on a strong front but she knows it’s okay to let her feelings out too.


She talks in the classiest ways, even if it means biting her tongue.


She sees the best in people, even if they bring out the worst of her.


She knows her friends worth just as much as she knows her own.


Are you ready to take on the world now? Let me know in the comments which reason has inspired you the most to be like our one and only Queen B! 🙂

Shelby xxx



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