Movie Review: Petting Scorpions (Short Film)

After Daisy (Cierra Ramirez) gets kicked out of a cult for exposing the leader’s corruption, she teams up with a vagabond named Ace (Jeff Wittek) to seek revenge.


(Click on the movie poster to watch Petting Scorpions)

When I found out Cierra, Jeff, Rudy and Anwar was going to be making this short film, I have to admit, I freaked a little! I have been a big fan of Cierra Ramirez ever since I started watching The Fosters and I absolutely adore her and Jeff, my power couple right there! Rudy, Jeff and Anwar are also absolutely hilarious on their YouTube channels! Now the swooning’s over and done with, let’s talk about this short film that I really need more of!


Daisy (Cierra) and Ace (Jeff) meet at a deserted gas station when Daisy gets kicked out of a van for finding out the cult she was a part of is a sham and wants to take revenge. Ace is running away from Las Vegas after losing all of his money at gambling and doesn’t necessarily have any direction, giving Daisy the perfect opportunity to convince Ace to help her out.


Daisy takes Ace to see her leader also named Leeder (Rudy Mancuso) in order to distract him from what they’re truly there for. Ace is expected to get high and the drug he ‘takes’ is worth a lot of money, therefore, Leeder believes that Ace will be joining them for the next 6 months to pay it all off. After Ace and Daisy have managed to convince Leeder in to letting Ace be a part of the cult, a ceremony takes place in which Ace has to hold a Scorpion and get it’s approval.


Daisy finds the drugs she came for and hides them in her guitar, this means her and Ace can finally leave and make a life some place else. Their escape plan wasn’t all well thought out however, as Leeder see’s them trying to leave and catches the pair out when Daisy is unable to play her guitar due to the drugs hiding in there. Daisy manages to escape, but Ace is held back by members of the cult so Leeder can get a few punches in. After taking so much, Ace breaks out from the men and gets his own back at Leeder before jumping in to a car with Daisy and driving off, making their plans to sell the drugs and head back to Vegas.


I need a part 2 now please!! Under 15 minutes of footage just wasn’t enough, I was completely drawn in to the storyline and being as these are a handful of my favourite people all in one project, I never wanted it to end. The acting was incredible throughout and you could see how much work everybody put in to create this short movie for all of us fans to watch. Although this short film had a serious storyline, being as Jeff, Rudy and Anwar are all comedy YouTubers, they still managed to squeeze a few lines in that did make me giggle. Cierra, of course, is a professional actress and is on her fourth season of ‘The Fosters’ therefore I knew her acting would be flawless and she really did not disappoint! Everybody did such a great job and all I felt while watching this was happiness and I know that’s how they would’ve wanted everybody to feel when watching this so I’m very proud of all four of them and I have my fingers crossed for a part 2!

Did you give Petting Scorpions a watch? Let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments 🙂

Shelby xxx



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