5 Sassy Remarks That You Can Take From Fez


Another That 70’s Show post is here and this one is all about the sassy, Fez! (We still don’t know his last name)


Fez is a foreign exchange student who finds himself the greatest squad of all time. At the beginning of the series, Fez is still learning the ways of Americans and doesn’t have much knowledge when it comes to what the gang is talking about most of the time. All he ever seems to understand is anything that involves sex, girls or food. Even though this was the case, it never stopped him from being a sassy fireball to his friends and everybody around him. As the show went on he grew to be more mature and cared about much more than what he did in high school, his knowledge of America and life in general gradually expanded, but he didn’t leave his sassiness behind. Here are five gifs showing you all just how sassy Fez can really be!






Which sassy remark of Fez’s will you be taking from this post? Let me know in the comments section! 🙂

Shelby xxx



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