People’s Choice Awards 2017: Favourite Red Carpet Looks

The People’s Choice Awards 2017 happened last night and the ladies completely stole the show! Everybody showed off their unique styles on the red carpet which most likely took hours and many, many hands to make the whole look as perfect as possible and it’s safe to say I fell in love with A LOT. All the ladies looked like a million dollars and as usual, I and the whole of social media couldn’t wait to see which celebrities were going to be gracing us on the second red carpet of 2017. Here’s my favourite looks from many stunning and inspiration women on the red carpet last night:

Fifth Harmony


Ally, Normani, Lauren and Dinah made their debut red carpet appearance with Camila last night and each looked incredibly classy. The four girls went for a rose gold theme and donned silky co-ordinated in different cuts and posed like Queens.

Liz Hernandez


While Liz’s outfit is extremely simple, it still shines with elegance and classiness. A simple white dress can go a long way, especially with a little leg showing and this specific one fits the PCA’s red carpet perfectly.

Victoria Justice


Victoria Justice is one of my favourite people when it comes to red carpets. She always has the most incredible outfits and the cameras couldn’t compliment her enough! This gorgeous gold mini dressed shows off her sculpted and tanned arms and legs perfectly and the dress is embellished with countless gold beads. Could she be anymore gorgeous?!


Oh my goodness, the only word to describe Blake Lively with is GODDESS! It has been less than four month since Blake welcomed hers and Ryans second baby in to the world and she still manages to look this fabulous! The fringed Elie Saab mini dress compliments her post-baby figure, looking as sexy as per usual with all of the sparkles and the glitz. Truly the biggest Queen of them all!

Chandler Kinney


Honestly, this dress absolutely screams my name! It has such a Hollywood vibe to it and considering the fact it has lace just gives every girl even more reason to fall in love with this slice of heaven! I also like the fact it has built in shorts as it still keeps the dress classy, but casual.

Jennifer Lopez


Oh J-Lo, how I wish to look as fabulous as you at the age of 47! Jennifer dazzles in a fitting black dress, which has a silhouette that showcases every inch of her. Whilst the dress is a simple black, the chest area pulls in all of the attention completely embellished in dazzling diamonds.

Priyanka Chopra


I’m a girl who’s all for pink so Priyanka’s outfit stood out to me the second I saw it! This strapless ruffled asymmetric top and fringe skirt from Sally LaPointe Spring 2017 Collection was so suitable for the People’s Choice Awards and can I please borrow this Priyanka!?

 Chrissy Metz


Already adoring Chrissy Metz in This Is Us (HUGE fan of the show!), I adore her even more in this dress and it’s safe to say 2017 is the year for Chrissy Metz and red carpets! Chrissy was definitely gorgeous in this deep blue gown with such beautiful and unique detailing on the bottom. Stunning!

Cheryl Burke


Now this dress is an absolute dream, heaven, perfection, everything! I need a dress like this in my wardrobe right now, how sexy and classy can one dress be!? Cheryl looked insanely gorgeous in this black gown with an added sexy slit down the side to show off her even more gorgeous legs. Hit me up if you ever find a dress like this ladies! This one completely stole the entire red carpet for me!

Another successful red carpet down, even more to come! Which was your favourite look at the People’s Choice Award this year? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Shelby xxx



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