5 Relatable Eric Forman Gifs


Another That 70’s Show gif post for you guys today! This one is all about the most relatable character of the show, Eric Forman.


Eric is the glue that holds our favourite squad together. Being the shows main character, the show is based in his house/basement, giving him and his friends a place to chill after school and on weekends, no matter how much his father hates all the company. Eric is the goody two shoes of the group, never wanting to get in to trouble, but with the influences of his friends, he soon breaks out of his shell and becomes a wild spirited teen. Eric is the king of getting himself in to the worst of situations, making mistakes 24/7 and just having an all round bad life. Whilst it is hilarious to watch Eric’s life collapse over and over again, the more you watch, the more you can totally relate and soon you ARE Eric and you begin to feel bad for giggling away. He is an awkward human being as we all are, telling his girlfriend he loves cake when she tells him she loves him and always finding himself at places at the wrong time. By the time you have finished reading this post, you will have related to most likely all 5 gifs and find yourself feeling sorry for Eric and yourself… Enjoy! šŸ˜‰






Being as this show is known for it’s burns and I showed you all Jackie’s most iconic one…Ā It’s only right that I share the most iconic burn of them all by Eric.


Feel yourself relating to Eric Forman yet? Which gif do you relate to most!?

Shelby xxx



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