Life Lessons From Jackie Burkhart


If you’ve never heard of That 70’s Show, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?! Trust me when I say that it is one of the most iconic TV shows out there. In fact, although it did end in 2006, Netflix added the show to their collection as it continues to be a popular viewing choice. More and more people are finding out about this show and completely loving it as it is incredibly relatable, especially to teens! I have watched this show since about the age of 9/10 years old, being pretty much a huge part of my TV life, I re-watch it at least once a year (maybe twice if I have time) and I laugh harder each time even though I know this show off by heart.

I don’t know about you, but I love blog posts full of gifs, not just for fun but that can actually be rather helpful to the readers. That 70’s Show is like I said, incredibly relatable so I thought I would now and again to a gif post based on the show and how it can help us in our owns lives now and again.

Today, I introduce you to my favourite character of them all, Jackie Burkhart. Jackie Burkhart is such an inspiration and a great example of character development. She starts off the show being a rich daddy’s girl with the dumb boyfriend, depending on everybody and never doing anything for herself as she has grown up with having everything handed to her. Unfortunately for Jackie, life happens. Jackie had her life set off even when she was at school however, her heart was broken multiple times, her parents got divorced, she was forced to get a job and basically she was in a rut. Having all this happen to her, losing the love of her school life, her parents starting lives separately and having to earn money for herself instead of taking her daddy’s bank card whenever, Jackie grew in to an independent woman who realised everything she wanted at first was most definitely not the plan, she stopped relying on people, she was strong enough to fend for herself, she had achieved so much more as soon as she stepped out in to the real world even bagging herself her own TV show. As an inspiration to me, I feel that a lot of girls need to see the words of Jackie Burkhart’s to know that you don’t need certain people in your life, there’s no point in being sad, love yourself, be confident, embrace your qualities and your flaws, and destroy those men who wasted your time!

Here’s 4  Jackie Burkhart gifs that I thought could be extremely useful life lessons:





And here’s a gif I just have to share because this was Jackie’s most iconic burn on the show.


Which words from Jackie will you be taking in to your own life? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Shelby xxx




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