Favourite Albums of 2016

If 2016 has been good for anything, it has brought us incredible music! A lot of my favourite artists didn’t actually bring out an album or if anything music at all this year, however, a handful of them did and they have made my entire year, each album I share with you today are just more than I was ever expecting and these artists have completely slayed the music game! If you keep scrolling down, you will now see the five albums that really grabbed my attention this year and have had them replaying pretty much since their release dates! I will also tell you which are my favourite songs from each album and let me know in the comments if any of these have been your favourite albums of 2016! 🙂


Album: Dangerous Woman

Artist: Ariana Grande

Favourite Songs: Side to Side (Featuring Nicki Minaj), Greedy, Leave Me Alone, Everyday, Sometimes.


Album: Discreet

Artist: Cierra Ramirez

Favourite Songs: Faded, G.M.T.H, Vanity.


Album: Unfinished Business

Artist: Nathan Sykes

Favourite Songs: Money, Twist, Famous, Give It Up (featuring G-Eazy), Over and Over Again.


Album: 24K Magic

Artist: Bruno Mars

Favourite Songs: 24K Magic, Chunky, Perm, Versace On The Floor, Finesse, Too Good To Say Goodbye.


Album: Glory Days

Artist: Little Mix

Favourite Songs: Shout Out To My Ex, Oops (featuring Charlie Puth), Power, No More Sad Songs, Freak.

Shelby xxx



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