How I Spent My Boxing Day

After an extremely chilled out Christmas Day, me, my parents and my brothers went to spend the day at my Nana and Grandad’s alongside my Aunty, Uncle, and two cousins. Whilst this was also a rather chilled out evening, we had lots of fun and plenty of laughs. We spent our time before tea, just talking, catching up on all things in the celeb world, book world, TV world and all that jazz, basically just have a good old chat since we don’t come together that often except for certain events.

Tea was served and as I am a HUGE curry fan, I was extremely happy to know on the menu was curry! Curry, Chips, Garlic Bread and Onion Bhaji’s… You just can’t go wrong! After the curry had settled, we all dug in to the deserts and I was pretty gutted that I never knew there was a paffita roll cake until we was leaving! (Even though you can clearly see it in the featured image… Duh)

While the adults got to talking, I went off to chill with my brothers and cousins and we played game after game of Heads Up. Which involved us all laughing at the little ones and their charade skills, all in all, I was the worst! I’m not good under pressure! Then we pulled some crackers, took selfies, family photos and as 8pm came around, we decided to head off home. Overall, I really enjoyed how Boxing Day turned out, after also having a successful Christmas!


I thought as well, while I’m trying to bring fashion and makeup in to my blog, I would tell you guys what my outfit of the day was and what makeup products I used. For my outfit, I wore a Cream Floral Embroidered Cowl Neck Cropped Jumper and Jeggings. I haven’t worn anything close to jeans in about 5/6 years and now I’m wondering why because my butt looked great! For my makeup, I started out by finally trying out the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, what a beauty! I then used the Better Than Sex Mascara, Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Kiko Blush and for my lips, Candy K.

Did you all have a lovely Boxing Day? 🙂 Let me know what you guys got up too in the comments section!

Shelby xxx



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