Blogmas Day Twenty: If I Could Spend Christmas Anywhere…

If I could spend Christmas anywhere…

I would give you an answer in 0.01 seconds and say New York!

Who actually wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in New York? They go completely all out every year and it’s like a Christmas dream! The Rockerfeller Christmas Tree, the Rockerfeller Ice Skating Rink, the Christmas markets, Times Square, the decorations, the lights… I would never want to leave. Here’s a few more reasons why I chose New York:


  • New York has always just been that one place I want to visit more than any other place in the entire world!
  • I’d love to meet the New Yorker’s, as their accents are amazing and sassy and I just want a New Yorker best friend!
  • The buildings are just HUGE and at Christmas time they decorate the buildings with gigantic snowflakes, which look so beautiful.
  • I would love, love, love to visit the Empire State Building and stand where Chuck was standing when he waiting for Blair to show up. (BAD MEMORIES IN THAT EPISODE, BAD MEMORIES)
  • Celebrity spotting! I bet so many celebrities come to New York to celebrate Christmas, so if I was to spend Christmas in New York and then happen to meet one of my favourite celebrities… BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!
  • I would love to take a tour of New York, either a bus tour or walking tour, and just see all the amazing spots and also see where some of the greatest movies and TV shows were made.
  • I would love to see a holiday themed Broadway, if you’re going to plan a Christmas away in New York, Broadway has got to be a definite, right?
  • And lastly… The food! I’ve heard New York has the BEST pizza and who doesn’t love Pizza? If I was to be in New York around Christmas, there would definitely be no time for dieting!

If you could spend Christmas anywhere… Where would it be? 🙂

Shelby xxx



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