Blogmas Day Nineteen: My Top 3 Beauty/Fashion Youtubers This Year

I’m a little slow when it comes to watching Youtubers, so when I decided too, there was SO many videos to watch due to how behind I was and these 3 Youtubers really stood out to me. My top three beauty/fashion Youtubers of this year are Emily, Victoria and Josie. I’ll tell you why now… All three of these ladies are so beautiful and inspirational, that I just can’t not watch their videos and then want to make a change in my life, whether it be my fashion, my makeup, my writing or just my whole lifestyle. So I thought I would dedicate today’s Blogmas post to these three wonderful women and tell you all why I love them.



Josie is my most recent find on YouTube so I’m pretty behind on the videos, however, I absolutely love everything about them! My favourite videos are definitely her hauls and any video that involves Dexter, what a cutie! She has such a classy style and I wish to have a wardrobe like hers in the future. Her makeup is simple but incredible, she doesn’t need to have too much on because she looks stunning either way! You guys should definitely check Josie out, she has such a bubbly and happy personality that we all need now and again!

Emily Canham


I am still catching up on Emily’s video but again, I love them all so much! She’s such a girly girl which I love as I am also one and her face is just HEART EYE EMOJI! The way she does her makeup always makes her look incredibly flawless and her fashion sense is also just to die for! Again, Emily is such a little ball of sunshine, she’s always smiling and laughing and just having a great time with filming. I definitely suggest you guys go check her out!



Victoria is my biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion, makeup, blogging etc. She’s just a dream! Her fashion sense is just out of this world and although I could never afford exactly what she owns, I’m always down for finding copies because it’s all just WOW! Basically, she is living my dream life! With all the travelling, being a famous blogger, having too many clothes, makeup, shoes, bags and accessories to even choose and count from. And now she has the silver hair that I want! If I don’t get my dream life, I can just watch Victoria live it for me. Honestly, she just inspires and motivates me so much, every time I read a blog post or watch a video, I know I want to make this my full time job and I WILL do it. I bet you all already watch Victoria, but for all the ones who have been hiding, make sure you go to her YouTube right now!

Shelby xxx



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