Blogmas Day Eighteen: My Very First Best Friend

I sit here at 3:54pm, contemplating on just posting another book review as I can’t think of anything more spectacular at such short notice. It’s getting to that point during Blogmas where I’m struggling more and more to fill up these days with a post, so why not post a book review? It fills the spot pretty easily right? Right, correct, it does, but that would be boring.

So I sit here thinking what other idea can I piece together at such a late time in the afternoon, day eighteen is going to be over soon and I need SOMETHING! Then, I look up from my laptop and I see the photo. A photo of me and my very first best friend. In this picture we are both stood in front of a Christmas tree, his arm around me, both us looking very much in the Christmas spirit. I would say I’m about 3 or 4 in this picture, meaning he would have been about 5 or 6.


He and his mum was our next door neighbours and our family and their family became very close. We had days out together, either they was at our house, or we was at their house, we went to school together, we spent every minute after school playing out on the street with our other friends and my brother. We was all pretty inseparable. Our time all together seems like a blur now and I can only remember certain parts, like when we had a day out at the zoo and a goat decided he or she wanted to eat my coat, or when we would replay the party song ‘Superman’ , you know, “sound your horn, ring the bell, kiss, comb your hair, wave your hands, SUPERMAN!” over and over again, just having fun and doing the dance moves.

And then the bad news came… He was moving to Spain.

I was only young, so I can’t exactly remember how I or anybody was feeling around this point, however, I do remember moving day and that was an emotional rollercoaster. Everything was packed, plane tickets had been bought, the only thing that was left to do now was say goodbye. Again, the goodbyes and the actual having to watch them drive away for good was such a blur but what I do remember is all of us just being outside helping them get ready to leave and once that was done, my best friend rested one arm on the top of the car, put his head on the rested arm and broke down. (There’s like a pain in my chest reliving all of this) There was tears from me too but it wasn’t until the car had drove away, I ran up to my bedroom and just cried… and cried.

There’s no happy ending to this story yet, as it has been 10 years and we’ve still not reunited. I do know that he is currently back in the UK, Birmingham to be exact, at University. I have his mum on Facebook so I sometimes see pictures of them and kind of keep myself up to date. I would love to reunite but it’s been 10 years… That’s a long time to just pop up and say “hey, shall we meet up?” I’m sure it’ll happen but right now, I’m just happy that he’s studying something he’s always loved and if one day we do reunite, I’ll be sure to share the news with you guys!

This whole post was more inspired by the fact a Christmas tree was in the photo, but I’m pretty glad I’ve told you guys this story. It’s something I think about everyday. So, thank you for reading this, I hope I didn’t disappoint too much with the no happy ending situation, the happy ending is being worked on, friend’s come and go so let’s see if this one comes back! But I still hope that you enjoyed a little story time from me! Now off to find an idea for tomorrow’s post, aahh!

Shelby xxx



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