Blogmas Day Fourteen: Little Mix Oops/Touch X Factor Final Performance

I’m reviewing this a little late because at first I didn’t think “oh hey, let’s write about my Queens again because they’ve slayed for the bajillionth time this year!” but now I’ve thought of it and here we are, with another Little Mix post because I WILL turn you all in to Mixers!

On Sunday, the 11th of November, the X Factor final had arrived with Matt Terry being crowned the 2016 winner! (YASS I knew I supported the right people) However, another big moment happened and that was Little Mix. They announced a week before that they will be performing their brand new single ‘Touch’ and another song off of the Glory Days album ‘Oops’ featuring Charlie Puth. The fact that Charlie was joining the four girls on stage made me completely FREAK.THE.HELL.OUT as Little Mix are my favourite female artists and Charlie is my favourite male artist. Do you see why I would be so hyped? For an entire week, it was all I could think about and I was more excited about this performance than finding out the winner!

The X Factor Live Finals, 11 December 2016

The girls started with ‘Oops’ and the theme colour for this part of the performance was baby pink. Perrie, Jade and Jesy all slayed their first outfits with baby pink jackets and baby pink mini skirts, while Leigh went for a baby pink dress completing the look with flat knee high boots. Even the band behind the girls had baby pink suits on! Oops is my most favourite song off the Glory Days album so to watch the girls first performance of it actually have Charlie Puth joining them on stage… It’s my complete highlight of 2016! Jade introduced Charlie to the stage and he walked on looking as handsome as ever wearing a dark blue suit. If I couldn’t be any more in love!


The five of them shared the staged, bopping along to the music and just making my heart burst over all this interaction amongst one another! Maybe a little too much interaction between Charlie and Jade… I’m just kidding! I am overly protective of Charlie, however, if Jed wasn’t in the picture I’d be so hoping that this flirting could become more! If you were watching, you’d be shipping them too!


After ‘Oops’ had finished, the crowd cheered for Charlie and the girls moved straight in to ‘Touch’, not really giving me a massive amount of time to deal with what just happened! Leigh-Anne and Perrie started off ‘Touch’ with the acoustic version, still wearing the ‘Oops’ outfits, when the chorus was about to begin, the girls did a quick costume change and strutted back down the stage wearing bodysuits, high waisted shorts and crop tops. In other words, they looked INCREDIBLE!! The Queens burst out straight in to choreography  and my first thoughts were “Okay, I need to learn this, I’ve got it, I can do it.” The whole performance was completely dance worthy and I doubt there was one single person sat in their seats. This one is for the clubs!

The X Factor Live Finals, 11 December 2016

I think it’s fair to say that Little Mix are the absolute Queens of dance breaks and Sunday night they proved just that! The dance break was honestly the hottest dance break in the history of Little Mix dance breaks (and that’s saying something because the Sean Paul dance break in Hair is H O T). There was a lot of tapping each other’s thighs, hair flipping and just complete slaying. What would a Little Mix performance be without the dance breaks? And also another question for you all, do you ever sit and cry over a Little Mix performance and just wish that you could become their fifth member? I do it all the time! Seriously though, dancing was on point, vocals were insane, Charlie was gorgeous, the back up dancers were amazing as usual, the whole production was the perfect ending to this year’s X Factor guest performances.

The X Factor Live Finals, 11 December 2016

I’ve said this a million times, but these girls just keep making me prouder and prouder with every thing they do. The amount of hard work they put in to all these performances really makes me so happy that I chose these four crazy, unique and beautiful women to be my idols. I couldn’t have chose better idols and I just need you guys to appreciate them and love them and just be as proud as I am. I should also mention that in 2011, these girls WON the X Factor and 5 years later, they came back to the stage that made them who they are the exact same night and performed their own songs. What could possibly make you anymore proud? I can’t wait for everything these girls are going to throw our way next year and I also can’t wait to be seeing them for the fourth time as I will be attending the Glory Days tour! Let me know how much you loved this performance and also tell me if you’ll be attending the Glory Days tour! 🙂

Watch the X Factor performance HERE.


Shelby xxx



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