Blogmas Day Ten: Christmas Shopping Tips


Make Lists!!!

Having lists will help you keep track of what you need to buy for each person. Make sure to note down everybody you intend on buying Christmas gifts for and by their names, note down their gifts and that way you won’t be struggling last minute. If you do struggle with ideas however, don’t leave it until the last minute, ask the person if they have anything specific they want this year and put that down on the list, the gifts don’t always have to be a surprise. Once you’ve purchased a gift for somebody on your list, cross it off so you know that they have a gift to open Christmas day.


Set Yourself A Budget

Ask yourself, how much can I afford to spend this season? Set realistic budget goals that won’t lead to crazy shopping sprees and an overdraft in your bank account. When on a budget, consider who is at the top of your shopping list… Family will most likely come first and cost that little bit more, whereas with friends you don’t need to spend as much a small gift with a little price will be enough. Look out for all the discounts and sales that can make you buy a product for cheaper than you was expecting, it’s always great to find bargains and it definitely saves you some money. Don’t go crazy over wrapping paper, bows, gift bags etc. After all, they all just end up in the bin by the end of the day anyway! Maybe you’re a creative and artistic person? Why not create something hand made? It adds a personal touch and gives you a chance to work on your creative skills.


Know What Your Christmas Meal Will Be In Advance

This will allow you to start buying the food that are on sale and aren’t perishable. Make sure to write all the food you can buy early in a list such as; canned food, nuts, frozen food (don’t forget to include frozen desserts),  ice cream, vegetables, Christmas cakes, mince pies, etc. Make plenty of storage space for the food whether it be in the freezer, the pantry, refrigerator etc. Buy your perishable foods at least two days before Christmas.


Invest In Alcohol/Soft Drinks Sales In Advance

You can find incredible sales on in the months of October/November for alcohol and soft drinks. Stock up on drinks early so you can avoid the last minute shoppers and queues. Me and my brother like to drink Britvics on Christmas day and this year we have found cases of these for only £1. Why would you pass up that sort of opportunity to wait for the last minute where you have to buy them at their full prices? Make sure they’re in a cool storage space at all time such as your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator etc.

Extra Mini (yet powerful) Tips

  • Don’t feel guilty if the price of a gift isn’t what you had in mind – it’s the thought that counts!
  • Buy family/friends gifts that they would like, not what you would like.
  • Don’t wipe out your money just to get that one perfect gift – Again, it’s the thought that counts.
  • Remember to search charity shops – Have any children in the family? Charity Shops are great for finding amazing deals on toys and the children won’t care how much they cost! Charity shops are also incredible for finding great clothing bargains.
  • Gift Cards are always a great choice! – They may not look a lot, however, if you’re buying for someone who never knows what they want, a gift card is extremely helpful!

Shelby xxx



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