Blogmas Day Seven: Little Mix Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016

I am literally the ultimate Mixer and if you have me on any type of social media, you will probably already know this by now! I worship the ground these four girls walk on and speak about them to whoever I can only a daily basis. These four girls are just absolute Queens to me and they blow my mind with everything that they do. They are stunning women who work so hard in what they do while still having the time of their lives. On Saturday (December 3rd), Little Mix performed at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball and shut the whole place down! Their set list consisted of; Salute, Hair, Wings, Move, Secret Love Song, Black Magic and Shout Out To My Ex.

Before they hit the stage, they graced the red carpet looking like complete beauty queens. They girls showed off their flawless bodies whilst wearing outfits that I could only wish were in my wardrobe right now!

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

Jesy showed off her toned abs in a sheer red crop top and black floor-length skirt. Jade looked like a little doll in her dungaree skirt and top. Perrie (the love of my life) blessed me with her black bralet and high-waisted black flared trousers. Leigh-Anne wore an oversized jumper and paired it with the most gorgeous glittery knee high boots. They all wore loose curls and simple makeup with dramatic eyes.


Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

I always love when Little Mix open their shows with Salute as it gets the crowd, especially all the girls, feeling incredibly empowered and sassy for the rest of the set. The girls wore gladiator styled outfits making Salute an even more perfect song to open with. Their entrance was completely iconic, they were carried on to the stage by their dancers like the Queens they are and to prove even more how big of Queens they are, they each had their very own throne to sit on. The girls opened Salute V-Fest style with the best choreography they’ve ever added to their performances. Once they have blown our minds with the dance break, the girls take a seat on their thrones and Jesy and Jade sing their parts. As the chorus kicks in the girls do the rest of the original Salute choreography that I have watched a million times, I know it all myself. The performance completely screamed girl power and I hope they never take this one out of their set lists!

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday


Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

The sassiest song of sassy songs! Second on the set list was Hair and this performance will definitely never get old! I was a little sad that they didn’t do the version with Sean Paul in because that dance break is just LIFE! However, the performance was still as amazing as always! There was a lot of hair flipping involved and the girls looked so happy whilst dancing to this one. The girls added Whip My Hair to the end but, unfortunately it wasn’t added to the YouTube video, due to Capital FM not having permission, but I bet it was as iconic as it was when they did it at V-Fest!

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - SaturdayCapital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday


Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

An oldie but goldie! Wings will never stop inspiring people, no matter how many times you’ve listened to this song. It still has you up dancing and singing along as much as everybody did when it was very first released! My favourite part of the performance for Wings is definitely when the girls get the crowd involved during the “I DON’T HEAR NON ONE SAYING HEY HEY HEY HEY” part, mainly because they show off some killer vocals at that moment!

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

Secret Love Song

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

This is the performance that made my entire year! I don’t speak about him enough but I am a HUGE fan of Nathan Sykes and to see two of my faves perform together, all the feels! Secret Love Song is a stunning song in itself anyway, however, put these five vocalists together and now there’s no words to describe how much I appreciate this performance! Perrie and Nathan hitting that high note together at the end was just angelic and the girls did such a beautiful job. You can really feel the emotion Little Mix put in to their voices during SLS. Such a masterpiece!

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - SaturdayCapital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

Black Magic

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

Gosh, Black Magic will never get old! The girls definitely cast a spell on the crowd during this number. Black Magic has some of my favourite choreography in it and no matter how many times you’ve listened  to this piece of art, you always find yourself doing the “HEY” dance move every single time! The crowd went wild at this level of perfection and the vocals were golden!

Shout Out To My Ex

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

Ah, the anthem of all anthems! Little Mix shut the set down with a performance of their brand new single SOTME and everyone soon felt incredibly powerful screaming the words and thinking about their ex’s! My favourite thing about the girls performing this one is that they always look so confident in themselves and that makes me extremely proud of how far they’ve come from previous break ups. Whilst we love the girls being happy with that someone special, I actually adore them more as single ladies because they glow so much and really come out of their shells!



Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 - Saturday

 No amount of words I type out in this post will ever do the girls justice, they are just extraordinary women who have inspired me immensely to be the independent person I am today and I couldn’t be more proud to call these four my idols. I’ve found myself crying because of how proud I feel of these sometimes, they just keep surprising me with everything they do and there’s absolutely no way that I can get bored of anything they do! If you haven’t watched their Jingle Bell Ball performances then I’d advise you to do so right now, but beware… You’ll soon enough be wishing that you was a part of Little Mix!

 Shelby xxx



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