Blogmas Day Three: What I Love About Christmas


I’m going to be honest here and say that I’ve never really been over hyped about Christmas and that’s probably down to the fact that my family aren’t either, minus my little brother of course. We barely decorate the house anymore, all we pretty much do is put up the Christmas tree. However, this year my Christmas spirit has risen a lot and although I doubt there will be any decorating this year, I can find other ways to look forward to Christmas and feel the December vibes. Here’s a list of things that get me all giddy for Christmas.

CountdownThat countdown to Christmas is always an exciting one. This year I don’t have an advent calendar but do we really need that to get in to the Christmas spirit? Nope! This year has gone incredibly fast and it would be rather annoying if the month of the most exciting holiday of the year comes by very slowly. Blogmas is such a wonderful way of counting down until Christmas as we are ‘supposed to’ publish a post a day! (Watch me fail) Every morning is one morning closer to the big day!

Hot Chocolate  I can’t even keep count of how many hot chocolates I’ve had since the beginning of November, I have like one or two a day to keep myself warm. Hot Chocolate is very high at the top of the list for what I love most about Christmas. There’s nothing better than wrapping your hands round a lovely warm cup of hot chocolate and lazing about on the sofa or in bed with a good movie or book.

Getting to Watch Santa Claus 1, 2 & 3These are the only Christmas films I watch on Christmas Eve going in to Christmas Day. I’ve grown up with repeatedly watching these three movies and it’s such a treat when the 24th of December comes around because I know I can relive my childhood with these three magical films. I have been trying to give other Christmas movies a try but Santa Claus makes me feel festive enough! I promise to grace myself with more though as I’m sure I could possibly be missing out on some incredible Christmas films!

Time with Friends and FamilyI don’t see a lot of mum or dad’s side of the families unless it’s birthdays or Christmas, so I’m looking forward to seeing family members that I don’t really see that much throughout the year. Of course, I’ll be looking forward to spending it also just with my mum, dad and two brothers as it’s always such a happy day and we can go a day without fighting over something! It’s such a special time of the year and what’s better than spending it with your family?

PresentsIt’s got to that point in my life where I don’t really get surprises because it’s also getting harder to shop for me, I never know what I want so how will anyone else know? However, opening presents even when you know what they’ll be doesn’t make it any less exciting!

New PyjamasThis is one of the best feelings. Out of everything you get, there’s nothing more exciting than getting to that point in the day where you can put on a brand-new pair of pyjamas. I know that when I go shopping with my Nana tomorrow, I’ll be putting a lot of PJ’s in the basket. I swear, I have more pyjamas than actual clothes… Blame Primark for having the cutest pyjamas in the world!

Christmas Dinner & DessertsThis is hands down the most exciting moment of Christmas day! Christmas dinner is practically the same as a Sunday Dinner and my gosh that is one of my favourite dishes in the world! Although those two meals are quite similar, you always get those extra additions in the Christmas meal like those delicious sausages wrapped up in bacon… Delish! When it comes to desserts I mean… Give me EVERYTHING! We usually have one big cheesecake with a few little mini cheesecakes on side, profiteroles and just lots of chocolate but on top of this I’m going to maybe attempt baking a few desserts myself which I will hopefully be able to squeeze in to Blogmas if I go along with facing the kitchen! NO PROMISES. I will be posting a ‘Christmas Menu’ post based on what I ate on Christmas day either Christmas evening or the 26th so make sure to look out for that!

The VibeI think a big part of getting in to the Christmas spirit is having people around you that have the exact same spirit. This time of year, although it is the most stressful, you can see so much joy and happiness in elderly people, adults, teens and children. Everybody is just completely consumed by the festive season and it’s contagious… You can’t help but smile along with every single person you come across! Also I have to hand it all to all the wonderful bloggers for being so in the festive spirit as it makes me even more excited!



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