Meet PlatinumDiaries.

A 20 year old blondie from Doncaster just trying to make her life look more interesting.


Hello! I’m Shelby. I promise I’ll try make this introduction as exciting as I possibly can… As the first sentence says, I am a Doncaster girl, yes yes yes, Louis Tomlinson is from here and that’s how exciting my town gets! I would love to live in America, preferably New York or LA, ha, yeah right Shelby!

I’m a full time fangirl and spend most of my days learning the lyrics to my favourite songs and binge-watching about 20+ TV series… Because it’s really that easy! Gossip Girl gives me so much life and I spend most of my time while watching that crying over Chuck Bass’ character development. I embrace my inner Blair Waldorf whenever re-watching this show and suddenly feel like I own the world. Oh and I have a very big love for Dylan O’Brien, but if you have me on Twitter that you probably already know this.

Okay that paragraph really didn’t make me seem cool at all so let’s move on to something more to every girl’s liking. I have a passion for fashion and an unhealthy love for makeup… So when’s the day that I’m winning the lottery? This blog will be as fashion and makeup based as my bank card will allow me, with a side of fangirling and an inside look at my personal life, all that good and bad stuff! I want this blog to be one that connects with all my readers, I want my readers to be able to relate to me and feel like they know a little about me each time they visit my blog. All I want from you guys is your wonderful feedback and support! Well that wraps up everything I have to say for now, enjoy!